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  • Our group is dedicated to the preparation of high quality HTS cuprate single crystal thin film and building multidimensional phase diagram through the electrostatic field, strong magnetic field and varying components. Then we can explain the complex nature of electronic interaction, and thus to understand the mechanism of unconventional superconductivity.
  • At present, our group has established the third-generation technology which combines high-throughput syntheses and rapid characterization, in order to explore new superconducting materials. Considering its high efficiency, this technology has enormous potential and promising future in new material exploration.
  • HTS mechanism: In a wider range, we carry out comparative study of different superconducting systems especially new superconducting systems (including thin film and bulk), and continue in-depth study of the correlation between HTS and two-dimensional electron gas with spin fluctuations.
  • Thin-film technology development and exploration of new materials: Our lab has the first ‘In situ high-throughput-epitaxial-film synthesis and localized-electronic-state characterization system’ which is developed in corporation with technical department.
  • Featured physical property measurement and analysis techniques: We develop rapid characterization techniques such as multi-channel resistance measurement, near-field microwave scanning and X-ray microanalysis. Those techniques can help us find more new functional materials (including the new superconducting materials) and establish multi-dimensional phase diagram, which provides in-depth study of material properties.
  • Cooperations: We have cooperation with theorists and other combinatorial thin film team all over the world. We wish contribute our share to the exploration of new materials.