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Thesis defence(2017)


Phase diagram of electron doped cuprates

Phase diagram of spinel oxide superconductor

A new idea for the study of high temperature superconducting phase transitioon

In Situ syntheses and characterization systems


Kui Jin

Group Leader

Vice Director of NLSC


We are devoted to synthesizing high quality thin films with unconventional superconductivity and investigating their physics properties via transport measurements as well as advanced combinatorial techniques.
Searching for new (superconducting) materials by thin films of composition gradient or interface manipulations.
Developing high-throughput thin film techniques including combinatorial laser MBE and fast screening.
Exploring the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity by constructing multi-dimensional phase diagram as a function of temperature, chemical doping, magnetic field, electrostatic field, etc.
High-profile publications
Link between spin fluctuations and electron pairing in copperoxide superconductors. Nature
Quantum critical scaling at the edge of Fermi liquid stability in a cuprate superconductor. PNAS
Anomalous magnetoresistance in the spinel superconductor LiTi2O4. Nature Communications
A selective control of volatile and non-volatile superconductivity in an insulating copper oxide via ionic liquid gating. Science Bulletin


Physcis Building D, Rm.117, No. 8 Zhongguancun Nansan St, Haidian District, P.O.Box 603, Beijing, 100190, China


010-82649729(Kui Jin)